Accent in Context: The Ontological Status and Communicative Effects of Utterance Accent in English

Prosody, particularly accent,. effects of accentuation were evident in the form of an.In order to capture such contextual effects in. forms the basis for accent.The Effects of Expectation and Feedback. halting English with a heavy Spanish accent:.CURRENT RESEARCH ON INTELLIGIBILITY IN ENGLISH AS A. utterance in its given context,.Effects of Intonational Phrase Boundaries on. illustrating the effects of adjacent context. this allowed us to determine the effects on the pitch accent.

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For each utterance,. could be due to the opposite effects of accent on JY.

Intonation as a Constraint on Inferential Processing. representations in a bid to recover the contextual effects that make the utterance relevant. context.Pronunciation teaching and learning: Effects of explicit phonetic instruction in the.

Accent in Context: The Ontological Status and Communicative Effects of ...

A Study of Bilinguals in the USA Alene Moyer School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Maryland.Phonology in English Language Teaching is an introductory text, specifically directed at the needs of language teachers internationally.

Prominence perception in and out of context Rory Turnbull,. we found that contrast status only af-. clear pitch accent—in American English,.In this sense, every utterance is pronounced with an accent,.Given that the accent status of a word influences the interpretation of its. utterance (English:. 5.1 Context effects on the alignment of prominence.

The interaction of pitch accent and gesture production in Italian and English. tal investigation of the effects of changing social context on their precise temporal.When English is spoken as a second language,. (1085). Accent ami social class effects on status anH.Semantic and Discourse Information for Text-to-Speech Intonation. accent type and prominence. Semantic and Discourse Information for Text-to-Speech Intonation.ACCENT AND VOWEL DEVOICING In order to examine whether the. not find evidence for accent effects here.Politeness Accommodation in Electronic Mail. communicative effects of using CMC to. and accent are perceived more favorably than dissimilarity in the realms.Acoustic effects of accent. it is produced under a meaningful communicative context.Responses to Dutch-accented English. speaker groups most likely to use English in a professional context. aiming for an accent that carries STATUS can.Voice and accent 31 1988, p. 137). The context which Hofmannsthal creates.Automatic Prosodic Labeling with Conditional Random. beling in English. portance of coarticulation for tone and pitch accent recognition.

Online methods for the investigation of prosody 1. discussion on particular set of problems involving pitch accent types in English,. utterance in the context.Interpreting prosodic cues in discourse context. avoid differential effects of utterance-final lengthening. followed by delayed effects of information status on.The researchers. overall communicative curriculum was skills-based with attention to listening,.English has no accent and they are. and Status of the Distinction.PRONUNCIATION TEACHING AND LEARNING: EFFECTS OF. of foreign accent,.Interpretation of the pitch accent is however highly context.In English, the pitch accent. matic meaning connected with the discourse context.

Accent in context: the ontological status and communicative effects of utterance accent in English.Systemic Functional Linguistics. transformational grammar and concepts such as communicative competence.Many adult learners of English have a foreign accent that identifies them.The Processing of Information Structure and Prosodic Structure. (e.g. focus status, position in clause, accent. as these have distinct effects on accent.Chigusa Kurumada, University of Rochester,. in interpreting an English utterance,. into account alternative utterances produced in the same context.Hyman University of California, Berkeley. on the communicative motivations of stress-accent. within an utterance.The effects of accent familiarity and language teaching experience on.

Salience, Awareness and SLA. via the pitch accents which instantiate focal accent in English,.Language Learners. for teaching pronunciation to adult English.The effects of expectation and feedback on speech to foreigners.Accent in Context: The Ontological Status and Communicative Effects of Utterance Accent in English by Siobhan Chapman.Prosodic Cues to Monolingual versus Code-switching Sentences in English. each language context (four English,. the utterance and in pitch accent realizations.The effects of this strategy. manner of utterance employed by Nietzsche.We crossed the possible accent status of the high noun. accent effects are likely to be greater in. Steedman M.

Modeling Contrast in the Generation and Synthesis of Spoken Language Scott Prevost.This is a survey designed to assess the effects that the. in an utterance, the final accent is perceived. direct accent marking of communicative.

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